Todd McLellan is about to get Pat Quinned

Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America A few months ago I did a podcast with Michael from Oilers Live Podcast, he's always a good chat about Oilers. If you want to give a new podcast a listen I would strongly suggest him, he has guests on from all walks of life that love hockey. While... Continue Reading →


Managing your expectations heading into camp

Source: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images North America The crisp air seems to be settling in each and every morning a bit more than the day before; while this makes most people sad that summer is coming to an end, it gets my blood pumping knowing that hockey season is approaching. I've tried to avoid a lot... Continue Reading →

Dillon Dube Interview

I had the chance to chat with Dillon Dube this past season. We chatted about everything from World Juniors to the Calgary Flames. Listen to find out if he knew he was going to be awarded the C at the World Juniors, who he looked up to at Flames camp last year and what his... Continue Reading →

Why so serious Oilers Twitter?

Source: Claus Andersen/Getty Images North America Ah, it has been a while readers buuuuut I'm back! I love Oilers Twitter, for the most part, it gives me a way to engage with fellow fans that I don't have the chance to do with my own friends, because well they aren't as hockey crazy as me. However... Continue Reading →

Should he stay or should he go

Source: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images North America With the Oilers season almost wrapped up, it's time to start talking about upcoming UFA's and RFA's and whether if they should be brought back. It's going to be a busy summer for Chia—if he's still at the helm. Guys like Nurse, Benning, and Strome are RFA's, while Auvitu... Continue Reading →

It’s Yamamoto’s time to shine

Photo Source: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images North America Terrible news came out of the Oilers camp today that Leon Draisaitl will miss tomorrows game against the Ottawa Senators. Fans were already in panic mode as Leon had been playing the number one right wing role so far this season questioning if the team would be able... Continue Reading →

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