An Oiler Is Already On The Shelf & Other Lunchtime Thoughts

As I sit here and munch on my birthday lunch the hockey news continues to roll in for me to mentally munch on as well. Rule changes that mostly everyone can agree are great, an Oilers injury, and a great signing down the highway.

Slepy Set Back

According to Spector this morning Slepyshev is on the shelf for right now. He was in Banff with his wife and son recently according to his Instagram, I can’t imagine his ankle is that bad, he had his little guy on his shoulders.



This is an unfortunate injury for the Russian, he’s put in his time in the minors and seems to really be clicking full time at the NHL level.

Speeding Up The Game

How many times have you sat there and rolled your eyes at a coaches challenge for an offside? It was absurd at times and not to mention frustrating for fans watching the game. I thought at times my poor 83-year-old grandfather was going to have a heart attack stressing out at some of the challenges, he was pleased to hear the rule change.

The thing about offside challenges that really “grinds my gears” is when a team has been attacking in the zone for a solid two or three minutes and pots a goal, then the team challenges. In my opinion, they need to revise the time frame that you can challenge it.

As for not being able to call a time out after icing the puck, I can’t wait to watch the team that committed the icing to look like they need oxygen as bad as someone climbing up Mount Everest, unless it’s the Oilers haha.

Bennet Signs Cheap

Earlier this week Darren Dreger tweeted out that Sam Bennet might be headed overseas while he sat out awaiting a contract agreement, I didn’t see how Sam could make crazy demands, he wasn’t that impressive.


The Flames locked down their centre at $3.9 million over 2 years, which is a great signing for both teams. It leaves the Flames with cap space, and it gives Sam the ability to demand a pile more cash in a couple years if he can show that he’s as talented as he was touted at the draft in 2014. Who knows, maybe he has a bonus in there for chin ups completed.



What do you think of the rule changes? Will Slepyshev’s injury impact his place in the line up if he’s injured? Do you think Sam Bennet can light it up over the next couple seasons and grill the Flames like hamburgers for more money? As always shoot me a tweet @nooorzy or leave a comment with your thoughts!




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