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As we’re all aware the Oilers dealt their longest tenured player, Jordan Eberle over the summer. Understandably, other than Cam Talbot, he’s visible on a handful of top 10 lists for Oilers records, something that features no other current roster player. Those lists are also littered with players of the 80’s because let’s face it, the scoring back then was comparable to the MLB on steroids and home-runs.

Chasing Personal Milestones

The new longest serving Oiler is The Nuge, he only needs to play in 5 more games to have played 400. He’s also 35 points shy of 300 for his career, currently, he has 265 (95G, 170A). He’s only 5 goals away from 100 and 20 apples away from 200!

Everybody’s favourite d man Kris Russell is 10 points shy of 200 (39G, 151A), he’s also 59 games played away from 700.

The Big Rig only needs to help out on 26 more goals to collect 100 apples for his career.

Adam Larsson is 12 points away from 100 (13G, 75A)…… and for all you Hallsy fans he’s 19 away from 400!

Barring what kind of season Lucic has he could hit 500 points (182G, 265A) for his career if he can post 53 this season.

The new Fin on the block, Jokinen is only 9 games away from playing 900 in the show. That’s pretty decent for a 6th round pick I’d say.

Zach Kassian turned the corner last year and will turn his point total into 100 this season, he has 98 (45G, 53A) right now.

In the blue paint, Talbot is 4 games away from having won 100 games.

You’re all just here to see this guy anyways, Connor McDavid. He’s only 2 points away from 150, he has put up 148 points (46G, 102A) in only 127 games played. It’s pretty magical getting to watch this guy play.

Climbing Up The Oilers Ranks

It’s hard to believe that McDavid only has one hat trick so far, if he can do that twice this season he’ll move into tenth on the Oilers all time list with Alex Selivanov and Petr Klima.

Cam Talbot is really the only guy who will be moving up the lists into top 10’s this season. He has to play in 43 games to pass Dubynk (171) for seventh and 49 games to pass Cujo (177) for sixth on the games played list as a goalie.

Talbot is also 5 shut outs shy of passing Cujo (14) for second on the shutouts list. He can also leap frog Cujo for sixth (76) and Roli for fifth (78) for games won if he wins at least 15 games.


Do you think that Lucic can put up those kinds of numbers? Have any thoughts or comments? Leave them here or shoot me a tweet @nooorzy



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