McDavid’s Back In Town

Source: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images North America

After attending the media tour with fellow NHL superstars in New York over the last week, Captain Connor arrived in Edmonton! I must say he looked a helluva lot more comfortable in front of the cameras than he ever has, well maybe not in this photo… but that’s understandable when you have as many cameras worth as much as your contract pointed at you.

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Just like his partner in crime Leon, Connor hit the ice with some of his teammates at another informal skate. It sounds like new guy Ryan Strome isn’t in town yet, so McDavid skated on a line with Maroon and Draisaitl. After they got off the ice Connor had a tip for all of you fantasy hockey fans, Strome is going to be a sleeper this year.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie chatted with our Peter Chiarelli in a riveting sit down that covered everything from the Eberle trade, to Leon and Connors contracts, to who will play alongside the Art Ross winner. You can watch it here.

Chia tells Bob that they’re going to separate McDavid and Draisaitl to start off the preseason and give Strome a shot along side 97 and Maroon. It’s something that doesn’t surprise very many Oilers fans, we’ve been speculating ALL summer long. The thing that I like have Strome on the wing instead of Eberle is that he can play a grittier game than Jordan. I rode the “Eberelazy” train last season that Kelly Hrudey was the conductor of.

I say you take Captain Connor’s advice and pick up Strome in your pool and see if the sleeper prediction comes true. If Stromes enthusiasm on joining the Oilers can convert into points, I think it will be fun to watch this guy play!

How do you feel about splitting up our dynamic duo? How do you think Strome will do alongside Connor? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a tweet @nooorzy.








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