The Ever Changing Media Game


Remeber that song Video Killed The Radio Star? That same concept is continually happening in the world of media. While most forms of media haven’t become extinct, many have been fads until the next big thing came along.

When I was deciding on a major for college I really wanted to take radio broadcasting, I talked myself out of it with the idea that radio would soon die and I should decide on a more relevant major like sports management.  One semester in I hated it and ended up switching to radio. I interned with iNews880 during the summer in between my years where I learned two things: radio was trying like hell to adapt to the internet and it was going to be an uphill battle to break into sports radio.

Both CHED and iNews were streaming live as well as uploading all of their stories to their websites and pushing to social media. My dream was to work around hockey in radio, there aren’t many girls in it, and I decided after college that news radio was probably the smartest way to roll. Fast forward a few years I couldn’t catch a break anywhere, even when I applied to the middle of nowhere BC, it’s probably a good thing they didn’t call, I’m definitely a city kind of girl. I then decided that I should try my hand at writing, eventually, I landed a gig as a copywriter for an advertising and marketing agency. The thing I’m trying to point out to all of you here is not my struggle to land a job, but the fact that you have to continually be able to roll with the changes.

The Athletic provides a unique approach, more so in places like St. Louis and Minnesota than here in Edmonton. They’ve managed to pluck respected writers Michael Russo and Jeremy Rutherford from their comfy newspaper gigs. These two have the insight into the game like all Athletic Writers do, but as Oiler Nation’s Robin Brownlee pointed out these guys have access to the players. Now, you won’t have to sift through the advertisements in your newspaper and you won’t have to pay a subscription to a paper that you only want the sports section out of.

While I would kill someone for media credentials, are you listening to Daryl Katz….do you have someone you need to be knocked off, there’s just no way that myself or other “for free” writers would ever be able to provide the same coverage or interviews that the Athletic will. It’s definitely a unique idea, it’s going to send newsrooms into a tailspin for sure that are going to have to compete with.

My take on it? Personally, I need that few extra bucks that the Athletic wants to fund my Starbucks addiction, more than ever now that the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back. I’ll be going right to the source, the Oilers website for my information and reading other free blogs.

What do you think of the Athletic? Have you already or will you subscribe to it? Let me know in the comments or shoot me a tweet @nooorzy.

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