Have we already forgotten about Kailer?

Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America

It’s nice to start training camp and not have the burning question of will our first round pick from this year’s draft make the roster? When rookie camp came to an end last week, I felt like we were talking more about our defensive and goalie prospects as well as Chad Butcher than Kailer, that’s not a bad thing.

It’s probably nice for Yamamoto to fly under the radar and just do his own thing. The first game of the Penticton tournament he was radio silent but came to life with Joe Gambardella buzzing to pick up an apple and a goal.

Todd McLellan was interviewed during the tournament by Bob Stauffer, Bob asked Todd if Kailer would get multiple games during the preseason.  Todd said that Kailer would decide that with how he played, but touched on what he had seen from him so far in Pentiction, “You could see his instincts were terrific. He made plays and was looking for people that sometimes weren’t there, which tells me that he’s probably going to play better with better players.” That quote had me excited that Todd would let Yamamoto play alongside “better players” at camp.

After not really hearing a lot about Kailer to start off camp the Oilers bench boss was asked about him battling with Gryba at camp yesterday. He replied, “I don’t know if it’s fair to evaluate, because I think Yamamoto is the type of player when the games start, and he gets involved with some good heady players that think like he does  I think that’s where he’ll be dangerous.” Todd continued chatting about the size issue and more, you can hear that at the tail end of the video below.

You have to think that Kailer’s agent and former Oilers rookies maybe warned him that the media would focus in on him at camp, but that hasn’t really been the case so far. I’m excited to see Todd get him the chance to play and see what he can do on the ice with “better players”. Don’t forget about Kailer during camp, he’s bound to put on a show for us at some point, hopefully very soon.

Are you worried that Yamamoto hasn’t been talked about more? Who do you think Todd will let him play with? Shoot me a tweet @nooorzy.

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