Can we stop panicking about JPJ, please?

Source: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images North America

I get it Oilers fans, we’re all a tad on edge about prospects coming up through the pipeline. I just need one favour, can we chill about Puljujarvi for a bit?

The franchise was blessed in the early 80’s with picks turning into slam dunks; Lowe, Messier, Anderson, Coffey, Kurri, Steve Smith, Grant Fuhr, Beukeboom, and Tikkanen. In the late 80’s though, we were lucky to find a player that turned into a Buchberger or Shaun Van Allen, but drafting in the 80’s sometimes seemed like a crap shoot. The 90’s fared betterish, I mean minus the whole Bonsignore thing. We carried on into the 2000’s with MacGregor and Predergast at the helm where there seemed to be more Marc-Antoine Pouliot’s than Ales Hemsky’s discovered via the draft, players just didn’t develop.

Okay so we just covered the whole we don’t have a great track record – I forgot to mention Yakupov. Yak has created a lot of anxiety amongst the fan base, he was a highly touted prospect who could light up junior, and barring some drastic changes is going to be considered one of the biggest busts in recent history.

Now there’s a big difference between Puljujarvi and Yak, we don’t need to rush Jesse. He’s not a first overall pick that we need to save our soles, I’m looking at you Connor and Taylor. Let the kid figure it out, as I stated the other day he’s only 19—he’s learning the North American way of the game and life. Plus unlike Yak he can actually play some pretty decent defense. Oh, he had one bad outing during the preseason? Sit back, we need to watch what this guy can do in more than just one game; I’m sure he was nervous, wouldn’t you be if the media and an entire fan base were circling you like sharks with blood in the water?

If we’re ten or fifteen games into the season and he’s not getting the ice time, and in a role he needs to help his development because it’s not clicking send him down, but don’t act like the sky is falling for god’s sake. Lots of first-round picks have taken time to develop, Bobby Ryan is a prime example. Jesse still has lots of time to become that player we want, we just need to be patient and not overreact.

What are your thoughts on Jesse not playing in tonight’s game against the Jets? Do you think he will stick? Let me know your thoughts shoot me a tweet @nooorzy.





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