Paige’s post-game​ points

Source: Andy Devlin/ Edmonton Oilers

There wasn’t too much to get excited over in this game; the Canucks main guys are adventuring over in China and the Oilers elected to go with a lot of fringe guys.

Let’s start off in the net. Laurent Brossoit wasn’t tested a ton, but he didn’t look stellar when he was. Early on he let another one ring off the post, that’s what the third time in a couple games? He also gave up an ugly goal about 15 feet out that was a weak wrister and a slapper from the point he could’ve had. He did, however, make a couple solid saves on breakaways. I know McLellan said that Brossoit would be the number two guy this year, but if Ellis has a solid outing you’d have to think that Todd rethinks his earlier statement.

On the blue line, Klefbom looked awful lost, it’s only preseason though, let’s just go with he’s just warming up for the season. Poor Auvitu was paired with Mark Fayne. Auvitu looked good getting involved with the play taking shots and sneaking up.

Drai was the biggest name on the ice for the Oilers, but young Yamamoto stole the show tonight. He was firing on all cylinders once again showed us he has a tremendous hockey IQ, there’s no way they can send him down yet. The top six Caggiula experiment continues to be working out well, he looked good and made a nice chip up the boards to get into the offensive zone that turned into a goal.

We all joked Pakarinen should pack his bags after nailing Talbot in the mask this morning, but that clearly won’t be happening anytime soon after two goals – one of them being a shorty. Ty Rattie played 14:40 including 4:08 on the powerplay, he was -1, but looked dependable when he was out there, and also made a nice play to get the puck into the offensive zone that needed up being a goal called back. I’ve been impressed with Chris Kelly, he’s sound and stellar, he was only 41% in the dot, but picked up an apple on a sweet feed on one of Yamamoto’s goals. You have to think from what we’ve seen so far that we’re going to ink him for cheap.

Malone and Callahan continue to battle it out for that grinder role. Callahan dropped the gloves in a short-lived match that he lost his balance and fell in, he also had a couple hits in just over 8 minutes of play. Malone had 4 hits in just over 10 minutes of play.

It was a fun game to watch for the sake of Yamamoto, the kid is buzzing, and we’re all listening to him hum along. What are your thoughts on the game? Who impressed you, who didn’t? Let me know by shooting me at tweet @nooorzy.



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