Flying under the radar with Captain Connor flying high

Holy Hannah, Connor McDavid couldn’t have started off his third season in the NHL any hotter than a hat trick on opening night! If you didn’t know it yet, Captain Connor has jets in those Jet Speed CCM skates.

The one thing that came up over and over again it seemed was non-Oilers fans going on about the team being a one-man team or we would be nothing without Connor. I mean it has always come up since the 2015 season, but it seemed to grow some legs with McDavid being the only player with goals in the game.  Did you know that Caggiula had eight hits and Klefbom had nine shots in that game the other night?! Probably not until the Oilers tweeted out some of those stats because the in game play by play was so caught up in talking about McDavid.

It’s interesting because unless a player is underperforming or becomes the fan base/medias whipping boy not a whole lot is said about other players. Personally, I think it allows the other guys on the team to fly under the radar and do their thing. Yes, it sucks because there will be underrated players like Oscar Klefbom, but Oscar isn’t Kyrie Irving in Cleveland who will demand a trade to get out of Lebon’s shadow to become the star of another team. By the way, Oscar doesn’t fly that low he was Bob McKenzie’s top pick for the Lady Byng last season ahead of Johnny I like to Dive Hockey Gaudreau.

Connor is the face of the league and our franchise he is going to be plastered all over the media. Sometimes we’re going to want to hear from other guys like Kassian, Maroon, and so on, but we should appreciate the fact that these guys don’t have to live in as much of a fishbowl as Connor does. It’s probably nice to come to the rink and know that the majority of the scribes and reporters will be waiting around Connor’s stall after practice for a quote rather than yours.

Do you think it makes life easier when the media focuses in on Captain Connor? Do you think that the media should back off Connor and focus in on other guys? Let me know your thoughts.


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