Hall looks to be the villain tonight

Source: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America

As if the Oilers weren’t already in shambles enough as it is, they have to face former hero Taylor Hall tonight. We are all aware of the narrative when it comes to Hallsy; he wasn’t happy to be moved, he’s having a solid season in New Jersey—and I’m sure he would love to wedge the knife a little further into the Oilers tonight. Personally, for me, Hall has become a bit of a villain. I know, it’s not his fault he was traded, but I didn’t like his comments in the media throughout the last year about it.

While the sky may be falling in Oil country, oh wait that’s just snow falling? Injured dman, Sekera skated with the team this morning. It’s a good sign, but there’s no timetable for his return, I pray it’s soon I can’t take much more of Russell’s starfishing.

We need secondary scoring, stat!

It has been painful to watch the Oilers so far, there’s a lack of everything it seems. While the team has been working on improving a laundry list of items, we need to see more secondary scoring. It sometimes slowly looks like it’s coming together, we just lack a lot of puck luck. Do I have to give up my kidney to buy some for the team?

The Nuge has been Yuge so far, he has really put it together, pray to god the Oilers don’t do anything stupid with him while in these dire times. It’s evident that there’s a glaring hole on this line with Lucic on the left the talent “drops” off with Slepyshev. I’m not saying Slepy isn’t a solid player, I just don’t expect him to be the top six right winger that we need. I can’t blame McLellan for throwing him onto the line, he doesn’t have a ton of options at this point.

Let’s just officially name the third line the dog house line. All of these players share something in common, they were supposed to be grand this year and haven’t been. The combination of Caggiula, Jokinen, and Strome could be a threat. I for one hope they can explode and not implode at some point, they’re all very talented guys.

Our fourth line was energetic last season, this year they’re flatter than a can of Pepsi left on the counter for a week. The team has struggled to find someone to play alongside Letestu and Kassian, tonight we try Pakarinen again.

D what? D fence!

Oscar Klefbom’s play has been as comparable at the home of Oscar the Grouch, garbage. I remember watching the Oilers disastrous preseason game against Carolina and thought, “shit he looks terrible.” That same idea has carried over in the regular season; his thinking and shot have really lacked. I swear he has an injury, don’t be surprised if at some point they announce he does.

Nurse has really elevated his game this season, he needed to before Oilers fans started saying we should’ve drafted Rasmus Ristolainen or Shea Theodore instead. He’s a threat whether it’s standing up for teammates, laying down the law, or sneaking up on the attack.

Okay let me just say shot blocking is great, but don’t be the damn leader of it if all your going to do after is lay on the ice like a floundering fish! You already know who I’m talking about, ahem Kris Russell.

Hall’s an angry dude, look out scout.

The Oilers are in trouble big time, they need a w tonight.

I think Hall will fill the role of the villain and take the knife to the Oilers jugular tonight. He’s going to come out big time and want to make an impact, why wouldn’t he?

In all honestly I think we need to buckle up, the twitter world will be full of Chia haters going off about the trade tonight.







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