Why so serious Oilers Twitter?

Source: Claus Andersen/Getty Images North America

Ah, it has been a while readers buuuuut I’m back! I love Oilers Twitter, for the most part, it gives me a way to engage with fellow fans that I don’t have the chance to do with my own friends, because well they aren’t as hockey crazy as me. However the last few days it hasn’t felt fun, it has been full of a lot of my way or the highway.

Many of you may have noticed that I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging, mostly because it’s the offseason and I do have a real job away from this.  I decided to write a tweet last night regarding the vibe on twitter, and to my surprise, it got a helluva lot of engagement! I felt the need to put some thoughts together on two for cross checking and share them with all of you lovely folks.

The vibe

Why does Twitter have to be so angry? Why can’t we have a civil discussion about thoughts and feelings? It’s hard, especially when people can hide behind a screen and a handle. I for one enjoy when you share your names, stories of your family or photos of your life outside of Twitter—I feel like I get to know you on another level.

There are some people that you can’t have a discussion with about Oilers hockey, it’s like talking to a brick wall, they won’t accept any ideas other than the ones floating in their heads. What makes these people more fun? Not all, but a select few will call you names and take it to another level. I have news for you folks, there’s a wonderful button called mute and another one to block the person entirely. Because we’re not Donald Trump and it’s not unconstitutional to block someone I strongly suggest you utilize it. By creating a barrier to keep away those toxic vibes you can possibly reestablish that fun that you once had.

Content is king

Just because the team isn’t playing doesn’t mean that reporters and bloggers get a break for the summer like school teachers. The people running these websites and writing articles need to keep pumping out content, it keeps the squeaky wheel running.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to write about the team when they’re not on the ice. It seems a lot harder than last summer, the reason probably being the clubs past season and the outlook for next season. The content being put out there isn’t helping that vibe I keep speaking of.

My thoughts on the Lucic situation

I won’t go into detail too much on this one because I know that lots of people have varying feelings on this boiling hot topic. Can Lucic rebound? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s on the ice. We can talk about stats and all of that bull crap, but we honestly won’t know until the season.

While there are major rumblings of the Oilers and 27 looking for a trade, I think we all need to take a chill pill. These guys have a life outside of hockey, if he wants to go so be it. If he doesn’t leave, I won’t be mad so long as Todd McLellan and his shiny new staff utilize the big power forward in roles where he will succeed and fit.

Let’s make Twitter fun again

There isn’t nearly as much to chat about now than what there is during the season, but we can still have civil conversations. Find that vibe again that makes it fun for you, don’t like someone? Block them, move on, who cares what they think. You having fun is all that matter at the end of the day, and if someone is ruining that you have the power in your hands.

Next season is around the corner,  soon we’ll have a new exciting prospect in the mix or a trade we can all chat about! Summer will fly by. We’ll all huddle onto Twitter in the fall to watch Connor lead the team into what we can all hope is a bounce-back season for the Oilers.

I love Twitter, I have a “small” addiction to it. Whatever you’re on the platform for right now, I hope that you’ll interact with me and enjoy the vibe.

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