Managing your expectations heading into camp

Source: Codie McLachlan/Getty Images North America

The crisp air seems to be settling in each and every morning a bit more than the day before; while this makes most people sad that summer is coming to an end, it gets my blood pumping knowing that hockey season is approaching.

I’ve tried to avoid a lot of the summer negativity that had the Oilers fan base on Twitter up in arms over the silliest things. However, I opened the Oilers roster yesterday to take a look and thought, “Good grief.” Want to take a quick look? I’ve kindly attached it for you.




I think you can agree with me that after taking a look at that, things aren’t going to be roses and sunshine like they were last September. The team walked in with swagger after their spring performance in the 2017 playoffs, it quickly diminished as the club struggled out of the gate.

Heading into this years camp we see a lot of the same questions from last fall that still haven’t been answered. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but here we are, where is our top winger and defenceman? How is it that a General Manager is gifted the keys to a club that features a generational talent and can’t seem to work his magic to make things work? Anyways, let us get back to the point because I’m certainly not writing about this piece about Chia pet.

Breaking news: We’re not a serious cup contender

First off, I’m not telling you how to fan, this is merely a suggestion. Whether you take it with a grain of salt or decide to chew me out is your choice. 

Like many training camps of the past, the Oilers are walking into the locker room looking like a fringe team. There are tons of questions that need to be answered: Will Milan ignite? Can pool party crack the top six? Will Rattie’s chemistry continue with McDavid? Will Klefbom rebound? Oh, and when the bloody hell are we going to sign Nurse? The list could go on for ages, it can be anxiety-inducing.

You see the issue that the Oilers have at hand? We’re not exactly a slam dunk kind of team, unfortunately. That means that this season could again be rocky, while I hope that this isn’t the case, I suggest you prepare for it.

Oilers Twitter can be a vulgar place, but I for one enjoy the platform because I can connect with people who are as passionate about hockey as I am. If they do flop, let’s not all dog on one another—it’s not like the team is coming in with the high expectations of last season. If the Oilers come out like the studs we all know they are, then party on!










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