Who’s Paige?


IMG_7217.jpgHey, there my name’s Paige, and I’m a die-hard hockey fan based in the heart of Oil Country. Like any good Canadian kid, once I could walk I was enrolled in skating lessons; my parents let me lay on the ice crying until I eventually got up and learned how to skate. I was a frequent flyer at the outdoor rink growing up.

My life is so tied to hockey that in 2002 I attended the Gretzky and Friends golf tournament simply to see The Great One in person. While standing around one of the greens, Bernie Nicholls called me up to putt for him. My parents don’t golf, and I had never touched a golf club before that moment but felt the need to try it out after that. I was told I was a natural and stuck with it, nine years later it took me all the way to Kansas on a golf scholarship.

While at school I learned there was a youth hockey league that gave kids the chance to try hitting the ice where soccer seemed to dominate youth sports. I joined as a volunteer coach and had my parents mail me my skates so I could help teach the game I love in south-west Kansas.

I interned with the Kelowna Rockets where I learned that I not only enjoy chatting about hockey, but I dig writing about it. It was an absolute blast working for an organization that is considered one of Canada’s top Major Junior hockey clubs. While with the team I had the chance to interview and watch Cal Foote, Dillion Dube, and Nick Merkley among many other fine players.

If you’re wondering what my current “day job” is, I’m a copywriter, so you could say I really enjoy writing. My ultimate goal is to work for a team as a writer, creating content, or in media relations, whether it’s junior or professional hockey, I really enjoy the game and talking about it. I appreciate each and every time you take the time to read an article, like, or reply back to me about it. For now, I’m your most recent independent hockey blogger trying to connect with fellow fans.


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